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Hello there and welcome to my site. The purpose of BestHairWaxforMen.net is none other than to bring you the right information surrounding a male styling product that is still a mystery to many men: hair wax.

A jar of hair wax

What is hair wax?

Hair wax (aka styling wax) is a hairstyling product that allows you to control the shaping and styling of your hair while giving a moderate to very strong hold to the hair so that any hairstyle you give to your mane stays locked throughout the day.

A good definition that I like to use is that of hair guru Rogelio Samson (author of The Men’s Hair Book) who he himself describes wax as “a blend between a gel and a pomade, the strong holding power of a gel with the slick and shapeable look of a pomade”. Rogelio has published many mens haircut tutorials, mens hair products guides and hair styling blueprints in his male lifestyle blog Manly Curls which has a strong focus on hairstyles for men as well as curly hair for modern guys. I subscribe to many of Rogelio’s grooming methods and systems, and I think his definition of a hair wax is very relevant to the topic of this site and to the goal of helping you acquire optimal information on this product to then be able to use and buy the best hair wax.

How to use hair wax

As a product, hair wax is not that difficult to use. We will go into more detail with regards to using pomade, but the trick has mostly got to do with your hair type and length as well as the hairstyle that you want to achieve with the wax.

To use wax, scoop some out of the jar (the product usually comes in a jar) and then heat the wax by rubbing your palms together. Depending on where you store it or how cold the room temperature may be, the wax will become a bit solid instead of being of a goo-like consistency. Once the product is heated and resembles more a semi-liquid paste, you then coat your hair with it and proceed to style the hair.

Hair wax or hair gel?

A question that sometimes arises with men is which of the two to choose, a wax or a gel? Ideally, you would want to own both products because each one fits certain styling scenarios better than the other. Generally, if you are looking for a shaped mens hairstyle with either slick or with a natural pliable look, then a wax will do you better. For a harder and drier look, then gel is better.

Which is the best hair wax for dudes?

Part of me wanting to start this site is to bring the good products to your attention while dispelling the myths and bad wax products that are also part of the male hair care industry. While there are quite a few high quality premium products that are worth every cent of their price, you certainly want to be choosing your wax according to your hairstyling goal. I will go through the high quality waxes that fit each of the hairstyling needs that you may have.

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