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Hello, my name is Bradley Morrison and this site is nothing more than my personal quest to bring quality information on the topic of mens hair wax as a styling product. Like you, I have an interest in this product and use it frequently to style my hair and enhance my physical image, so reading the right type of information on this product is crucial to us consumers.

A barber in a barbeshop giving a haircut to a male.

I grew up in a family of barbers and hairdressers and, while I end up with a wholly different career, I still am quite acquainted with the art of barbering, if anything because every time I cross the state to visit my parents, nine out of ten times I will have to spend much of my visiting time at the barbershop since my father loves his trade and getting him to leave his barbershop for a day is a task on its own (now that’s a man who loves what he does!).

My motivation to create this site stemmed from casual conversations with male friends of mine who would buy the latest massively hyped hair product in the hopes of having the hair of guys like Justin Timberlake or Zayn Malik. In reality, the product as it is is only a part of getting the right hairstyle and look for oneself, and a big part to getting all of this right is knowing how to choose the right wax (in this case) for you according to hair type and other factors.

It goes without saying that I have been using male hair products for as long as I can remember. I can also give some pretty kickass taper haircuts and can style long hair on guys. I guess that spending my evenings after school at my dad’s barbershop really paid off when it came to having a natural ability for styling and cutting hair!

So without further ado, please continue to browse my site.


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