Best Hair Wax for Curly Hair

What’s the best hair wax for curly dudes?

Curly hair, unlike straight hair, thrives on a tousled messy style. Because of the way it is shaped in tight coils, curly hair is not a good hair type to be molding and defining into crafted hairstyles with hair wax, unlike wavy hair which can be shaped and styled with wax better due to its looser nature. Instead, a man with curly hair should embrace his curls and allow for the volume and tousled nature of the curls to dictate the shape pattern.

A male with curly hair using hair wax

Messy hairstyles with curly hair and using wax

To use wax the right way on curly hair, you should first approach the styling correctly. You should not be drying your curly hair with a towel and instead you should be using either an old cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel. The reason? The rough surface or bathroom towels creates too much friction on the curls and leads to frizzy hair, which will make styling your curls with hair wax a nightmare.

Once you have made sure to dry your curly mane the right way, you should then scoop out a big fingertip of wax. Waxes usually come in convenient jars, so simply insert a finger and scoop out an amount that is slightly bigger than the fingertip of your index finger. Place the scooped wax on your palms and rub the palms together until the wax turns into a pasty consistency. The wax is now ready to use.

Coat your fingers with the wax and work your fingers through your curls, making sure to coat them fully. However, and this is very important, you must avoid getting the wax on the scalp itself. Avoiding the mess of getting it all over the scalp is very easy, so simply pay some attention when using the hair wax with your fingers to coat your curls. Once the curls are coated, you can either leave the curls without any styling or manipulating, you can shake your head and leave the curls as they rest on your head or you can proceed to style the curly hair with wax, either by continuing using your fingers or by using a wide tooth comb.

A guy who has used hair wax for his curls

What hair wax to use for your curly hairstyles?

As said, messy curly hairstyles suit men very well, which means a natural-styling matte wax is ideal for this tousled look. However, at shorter lengths, you can still be a bit more elaborate with your curly styles, which means a strong hold matte hair wax can also be used.

Get the following:

  • If you have medium length hair (2 to 6 inches long) and would like a casual, natural-looking messy style, then go with this hair wax.
  • If you have short curly hair and would like to shape hairstyles for curly hair like side parts, modern slick backs and quiffs, then get this other hair wax.

The above 2 waxes will really make your curls stand out,and you can always get them both so that you are free to change the looks and styles of your hair on a daily basis. Lastly, if you’re going to be styling your hair with a comb, then do make sure that you get a wide-tooth as otherwise you’ll run the risk of damaging your hair if using a comb that isn’t a wide tooth one! I highly recommend this wide tooth comb, as it is a very sturdy wide-tooth comb that will last you years.

Enjoy and get that curly mane waxed!

Bradley Morrison

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