Best Hair Wax for Wavy Hair

What’s the best hair wax for wavy dudes?

Wavy hair is hair that is shaped in wave-like patterns, hence it isn’t straight but neither is it shaped in coils like curly hair. Because of this, wavy hair requires special attention when it comes to choosing the best hair wax.

Wavy hair thrives on messy styles and also on styles that have volume, like side parts, brush ups and undercut hairstyles (that aren’t side swept or slicked back). The perfect length for wavy hair is medium length as that allows this hair type to express its wave shape while still being at a length that you can control. For all these reasons, hair wax (aka styling wax) is the best hair product for men when it comes to achieving your best shaped and custom hairstyles.

Cristiano Ronaldo with wavy hair styled with wax

How to use hair wax for mens wavy hairstyles

Similar to how curly men use hair wax, make sure that your hair is slightly damp before applying the hair wax. Your hair should not be wet nor should it be fully dry. Coat your fingers with the wax and start working your fingers through your wavy mane, projecting the direction of the hair whichever way you like.

A man with wavy hair done with styling wax

  • For messy hairstyles, only use your fingers to style and make sure to first tousle and shake the hair before starting to give direction to the hair. This ensures that your mane is kept with a sharp “out of bed” look.
  • For volume hairstyles, first use a wide tooth comb to set the direction of the hair and then continue giving the direction and shape of the hair with your fingers. Remember, the wide tooth comb is only there to give the initial direction to your waves, the actual shaping and styling of your wavy hair with wax is performed with your fingers only! You may also use a hair dryer to enhance the volume of your waves after you have set the final style with your fingers.
  • For flat hairstyles, use a wide tooth comb to style and perhaps give the last touches to your hair with your fingers. However, flat hairstyles like side swept hair and side fringes don’t play too well with wavy hair.

Which hair wax to use for your wavy tresses?

Not all waxes for mens hair are created equal and nor should you be thinking of them as interchangeable. Ideally, you want to own more than one wax so that you can vary your styles throughout the week and even throughout the day!

  • If your hair is between 2 to 6 inches and you want a tousled messy hairstyle, then get this particular hair wax.
  • If your hair is between 1 to 2 inches and you want to shape it, or if your hair is between 2 to 6 inches and you want a flat hairstyle, then get this other hair wax.
  • If your hair is longer than one inch and you want to give it great volume which is always under your control (i.e. you can choose how much extra volume you want to give to your hair), then go with this specific wax.
  • If you want to rock some awesome volume at any length and with wax or any other mens hair products, then you must own this awesome hair dryer. Yes, it is a high-priced hair dryer but this hair dryer is the best any male can get as it dries the hair the fastest, removes all frizz from the hair and increases the gloss and natural shine of your mane, making it look healthier and more attractive. I have that hair dryer and I swear by it, it’s also indestructible so it will be doing the job for you for years!
  • Last but not least, if you want a comb to style your wavy hair, you must use a wide tooth comb and not just any regular comb since the latter (regular comb) will have its narrowly-set teeth getting caught between the wavy locks on your head and end up damaging your hair. Get this wide tooth comb; you’ll thank me later!

As said earlier, ideally you want to own at least two of the waxes, if not the three of them. While the shape of your hair (i.e. wavy) is permanent, the actual length of your hair is constantly changing as you let your hair grow or you get a haircut. Thus, by owning two or even the three hair waxes recommended above, you ensure that you will always have plenty of “waxing” options no matter the length of your wavy mane or the hairstyle mood you have for that day!

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